Collaborative Partnerships

The Collaborative Partnerships programs of the Human Impacts Institute facilitate resource sharing, joint advocacy, and idea development through partnership building.  Bringing together partners from all sectors to jointly address environmental issues affecting communities, we encourage open-source information and joint outreach development. See the latest in collaborative partnerships here.

To apply for partnership status, or inquire about existing partnership programs, please send a letter of inquiry with your contact information, experience, and vision for partnership to

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  • EcopreneursEcoPreneurs

    The Ecopreneurs programs of the Human Impacts Institute offer participants individualized professional development opportunities to incorporate environmental sustainability into their professional practices.  Partnering with local organizations, agencies, and institutions, participants gain experience in program development, environmental auditing, monitoring and evaluation, and leadership. Learn more>>

  • MobilizeUS!

    MobilizeUS! Coalition

    MobilizeUS! is a national coalition founded and coordinated by the Human Impacts Institute engaging communities in the U.S. in supporting healthy communities, good governance, strong economies, and the environment  through grassroots action, advocacy, and coalition building. Learn more.

  • NYC Climate Coalition

    The NYC Climate Coalition is a program of the Human Impacts Institute, dedicated to climate awareness and action in New York City. The Climate Coalition builds the capacity of New Yorkers in addressing root causes of climate change and in preparing for impacts of a changing climate on our City. Learn more.

  • Separate Oil and State

    The Human Impacts Institute has joined forces with global partners to call for an end to global fossil fuel subsidies and for increased support of renewable energy. Join us! Use our poster template or make your own poster and post personalized photos and videos to our Separate Oil and State facebook page today!

  • Webster Global Research Center

    Webster Global Research Center

    The Human Impacts Institute partners with Webster University(NL) to provide sustainability expertise to the Webster Global Research Center in investigating development, human rights, and environment.

  • Hii LogoAll Human Impacts Institute programs are adapted to the specific needs of participants and are based upon staff availability. To request a program, email your contact information, date request and program interests to



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  • UN Liaison

    United Nations Liaisons

    The United Nations Liaisons program of the Human Impacts Institute facilitates engagement of underrepresented groups in UN processes.  When groups are not able to attend conferences, events, or meetings, because of budget, staffing or other constraints, our representatives consult closely with partners to provide representation through two-way reporting, social media, and other liaison initiatives.

  • Agents of Change

    Agents of Change

    The Agents of Change program of the Human Impacts Institute facilitates capacity-building resources for environmental groups.  Selected participants are assessed for their goals and needs and then work with our staff and partners to co-develop a strategic plan to address these issues.  Human Impacts Institute staff and volunteers will then consult with the selected participant group to realize the goals of the strategic plan.

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