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Wall Street Journal Logo


2012, WSJ, HII Selected for Women's Social Entrepreneurship


WBAI logo


2012, WBAI Radio, HII ED Interviewed on the 10 Days of Climate


National Geographic Logo


2012, National Geographic, Youth and Rio+20



Alternet Logo


2012, Alternet, HII's ED Writes on the German Energy Transformation


Grist Logo



2012, Grist, Earth Summit 101


National Geographic Logo



2012, National Geographic, How You Can Join Rio+20



Greenpoint Gazette Logo


2012, Greenpoint Gazette, HII Wins Solar For North Brooklyn




2012, Greenline, Green School Honors HII for Environmental Leadership


Costa Rican Star



2012, Costa Rican Star, HII in Costa Rica for Women's Empowerment


Daily News Logo


2012, DailyNews, No Denying Climate Change





2012, NYSERDA, HII Helps Small Businesses Green



Ford Community Green Grant


2012, Ford, HII Selected for Green Grants Finalist Award



Globo 1 Logo


2012, Globo1 (Portuguese), HII Leading End to Fossil Fuels at Rio+20



Sustainable America Logo



2012, SustainableAmerica, HII Makes Clever PSAs on Oil Addiction



State Department Seal



2012, US Department of State, Thank You Letter to HII


Costa Rica Star Logo


2012, Costa Rica Star, HII on Indegenous and Tourism in Costa Rica



350 logo


2011,, HII Executive Director Speaks at Moving Planet NYC


NY Times Logo


2011, NY Times, Seeking Reality on Climate


Climate Reality Project Logo


2011, Climate Reality, Thank You from Vice President Al Gore


Climate Week NYC Logo


2011, Climate Week NYC, Five of NYC's Great Green Secrets






2011, NYWSE, Connecting People and the Environment




2011, UNCSD, HII at State Department for Rio+20 Talks






2011, Open Space Alliance, Caring for 50 Local Trees




Empire State Development Logo


2011, Empire State Development, HII Greenest New Yorker Finalist


New York Academy of Sciences


2011, NYAS, Creative Performance from HII for Climate Week


Nautica Logo



2011, Nautica, HII Greens with Tree Stewardship and Youth



3BL Logo


2011, 3BL Media, Climate Supporters with Eco-Events



Daily News Logo


2011, DailyNews, Human Impacts Institute's Annual Fundraiser


Full Spectrum Logo



2011, FullSpectrum, HII as "EcoWarrior" at Powerhouse Arena





2010, Obey, Green Patriot Posters at Space 15 Twenty



Network 355


2010, Network355, Woman Entrepreneur Award



Girls Inc Logo


2007, Girls Inc, HII Founder Interviewed by Girls Inc.


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