Human Impacts Institute Testimonials

See what others have to say about Human Impacts Institute crew and programs!

"Since the inception of our partnership, we have come to know the Human Impacts Institute as an important growing force in the field of environmental leadership development. Through your programming our students have learned about environmental advocacy and tree stewardship. Through your work in our community internationally crucial issues are being addressed in educational settings. Our partnership has truly improved our learning environment and is an enrichment to students and staff."

--Karali P., Principal, The Green School, NYC

"As opposed to the other work experiences I have had, Hii was especially significant. I feel like I got real-world, hands-on experience. I also feel like my small efforts will go a long way. We were able to teach people, while being taught at the same time, which is awesome. I also learned many things from my manager, Tara, that will stay with me for my social and professional life.

I feel like I am more aware of sustainable practices as well as the things I can do to help implement them in the world. Not only that, I feel a greater passion for what was being taught more than ever before."

-Ron C., Undergraduate Student, HII Sustainable Business Intern

"Getting the chance to spend a day at the United Nations was an experience I will never forget ! To my knowledge, not many people get the chance to sit in on an actual UN conference. It was kind of surreal that history could happening in this very building and I was there to witness it !  The Human Impacts Institute and and UN CSD -Youth Caucus were awesome!  

I really feel like I learned a lot about team work on that day. I will bring all those skills I have learned back to my LIFTT [Leadership Institute for Today and Tomorrow] group and hopefully in everything else I do in life!"

-Allison O., High School Student, HII Education Participant

“The Human Impacts Institute is a supportive, friendly, and creative group. [The internship] was an eye opening experience.  I got a better idea of how I want to use my skills, experience and future graduate degree to support marine habitats.

My experience with the Hii program illuminated my strengths and weaknesses in terms of writing, understanding policy and understanding the way a non-profit operates.  I am looking for a role for myself in the environmental field and the Hii program was a great introduction.”

-Jennifer K., Mid-career Professional, HII Climate and Coalition Building Intern

"Not only is it so exciting to be putting all that waste to some semi-good use (at least by recycling it) but it is really something that the whole school: students, teachers, and parents can get involved with. You were full of amazing ideas and your presence at our first meeting totally got the ball rolling in the direction of something attainable instead of something simply overwhelming. Thank you."

-Catherine B., Parent and Teacher, On working with HII Crew

"It was a great experience.  I really valued my time spent working on curriculum for Hii and writing grant proposals. The leaders were very well prepared.  All the other interns were inspirational and friendly.

[The Human Impacts Institute Internship Program] has made me more comfortable teaching environmental education classes.  I will continue to teach environmental education ,especially street tree stewardship.  I will also continue to use my grant writing skills."

-Melissa M., Undergraduate Student, HII Environmental Education Intern

"[The workshop was] fun and well organized.  I liked working with the students, too. They [Human Impacts Institute staff] were prepared.  I thought there illustrations were good too.  They had the right tools for us to work with as well."

-- Lauren Z., Corporate Volunteer, HII Education Participant