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  • Take Action NowMobilizeUS! is a national coalition founded and coordinated by the Human Impacts Institute to engage Americans in supporting healthy communities, good governance, strong economies, and the environment  through grassroots action, advocacy, and coalition building. Learn more.

  • Years of Lessons Learned

  • Fish Advisory

    The time is now to address the core issues affecting economic stability and the health of our homes, jobs, and families. Air pollution increases asthma rates in our youth, water shortages devastate our family farms, toxins contaminate our fish, and natural disasters devastate our homes and businesses. Now, it's personal.

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    MobilizeUS! needs your help in ensuring America's commitment to creating the world we want for ourselves and our grandchildren. We can achieve this through support of strong local, national and international policies and action. Now is the time to protect the quality and availability of natural resources and ensure equity in our communities through:

  • OneBuilding a Green Economy

    that enforces that polluters pay, goes beyond GDP to assess progress, supports industry that doesn't destroy resources we depend upon, and ensures efficiency and ethical frameworks in the production and consumption of goods and services;
  • 2Improving Global Governance

    through simplification of policy and policy-making processes, targeted and effective media and public outreach, policies that directly support on-the-ground actions, and inclusive decision-making that doesn’t leave communities behind;
  • 3Commitments that Stick

    by setting targeted national and international monitoring, evaluation, and enforcement mechanisms for examining policy development and implementation at a national and global level in addressing the root causes of poverty and environmental degradation.


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    Join the MobilizeUS! google group and share your actions, ideas, and events with others supporting strong U.S. sustainability leadership.
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    MobilizeUS! is a movement of over 100 groups and individuals from the U.S. and around the globe, supporting strong U.S. leadership in environmental and healthy community development issues.

    Learn more about our growing list of organizations, agencies, and community groups joining the MobilizeUS! campaign in the U.S. and beyond. Interested in joining the campaign?
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