NYC Climate Coalition

Together, we can create a climate smart New York City.

The NYC Climate Coalition is a program of the Human Impacts Institute dedicated to climate awareness and action in New York City. The Climate Coalition builds the capacity of New Yorkers in addressing root causes of climate change and in preparing for impacts of a changing climate on our City. Our goal is to unite New Yorkers of all ages and backgrounds to address current and future climate change issues affecting our community through networking, resource exchange, joint advocacy, and hands-on education.

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    There are no dues to pay or prior knowledge needed to be a member of the NYC Climate Coalition, just a desire to make a difference in our community on climate issues. Ready to take action for a climate smart NYC?

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    Not ready to join? You can support the NYC Climate Coalition through a tax-deductible donation today or contact us to sponsor the Coalition as a community partner!

  • OneA Common Goal for Our City

    NYC Climate Coalition members are dedicated to environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable solutions to New York City's role in global climate change. We support this goal by highlighting and connecting already-existing initiatives and knowledge.

  • 2Climate Capacity-Building

    The NYC Climate Coalition creates a space for organizations, institutions, companies, and individuals to increase their climate smart effectiveness through collaboration, resource exchange, monthly capacity-building meetings, and online tools.

  • 3

    A Climate Smart State of Mind

    Climate Change is an urgent reality that requires immediate action to adapt to and mitigate its impacts. The NYC Climate Coalition facilitates an increase in public awareness and understanding of climate change issues and climate impact preparedness.

  • Sharing Climate Resources

    With each climate smart action, the NYC Climate Coalition maintains replicability and resource-sharing at its core. This means open-source information transfer to others for replication locally and globally.



    Current NYC Climate Coalition Action

  • In the Wake of Sandy, New Yorkers Take on Climate Change

    Following the unprecedented damage to our City from Sandy, the Human Impacts Institute (HII) invites New Yorkers to unite in addressing local impacts of climate change and disaster preparedness.  On Sunday, November 18, 2012, the Human Impacts Institute (HII) will host a press event and public call for climate action. Join us for the press event at 2pm and the public launch of the new NYC Climate Coalition at 3pm. Read details in the press release here>>

    Join the NYC Climate Coalition Launch on Facebook>>

  • Energy Efficiency in NYC

    Over 70% of greenhouse gas emissions in NYC come from our buildings. This is why the NYC Climate Coalition is training members to do community outreach for FREE energy assessments. Learn more.

  • Cool Biz and Cool Customers

    What does it take to be a Cool Biz? Committing to keeping your doors closed when the AC and heat are on. Become a Cool Biz today!
    Who are NYC's Cool Customers? People who pledge to only shop at climate smart businesses. Become a Cool Customer today!

  • Community Climate Ed

    The Human Impacts Institute provides free climate change education workshops in partnership with The Climate Reality Project covering topics of climate change science, policy, and solutions.
    Learn more.

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    Keep Climate Smart!

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