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March 3, 2016



Of all the things that come to mind when you hear the word ‘lawyer’ ‘great with kids’ is probably not one of them. And I would agree with you, given that I am a lawyer and years of reading judicial opinions and excessive use of phrases like ‘see supra’ and ‘in summat...

November 17, 2015


We are very glad at the opportunity to post this article, written by Iris Malfetano of the Aspen Institute as part of her participation in the inaugural "Aspen On the Ground" program. 


Iris was critical in the development and implementation of our recent You...

November 13, 2015

Although we had to say goodbye to our ten youth leaders from the Green School in Williamsburg (a description of the graduation celebration can be found here), we managed to pack a lot into the six weeks of our program (funded by the NYSDEC's Environmental Justice Commu...

November 13, 2015

You know something is going right when, at the end of an intensive program, the graduates are more excited about supporting each other in their final presentations than in the stipends presented at the graduation ceremony!


But most of that credit goes to the individual...

In June of 2015, I invited a group of climate experts and creatives (artists, performers, writers) in Marseille, France, to come together over wine and food to have a conversation about inspiration and how we can inspire more action on climate change.  It was an amazin...

September 28, 2015

On Monday, September 21st, we were honored to celebrate the first session of our inaugural Youth Leadership Intensive with the Green School in Williamsburg.


Funded with a generous grant from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation’s Environmental Justice...

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