Our Consulting Services provide customized tools

for you to engage your team in hands-on education, effective communications strategy, and meaningful

actions for social and environmental good. 


Working for good.  100% of

consulting profits support our

free, public programming. 


Our Consulting Services cover topics as diverse as environmental leadership, greening in the workplace, community engagement, non-toxic cleaning, environmental monitoring and evaluation, and effective engagement strategies.  We provide individualized certificate programs, workshops, leadership intensives, communications strategy, employee engagement opportunities, curatorial assistance, learning retreats, and more for your business, institution, school, or community. 


Past clients include: the Transatlantic Climate Bridge Program of the Federal Republic of Germany, United Nations Development Program, New York Presbyterian Hospital, City University of New York, HSBC, L'Oreal, Citibank, Kiehl's, VF Sportswear, as well as numerous educational institutions, small businesses, community groups, and NGOs.

Certificate Programs

Our Certificate Programs provide professionals with in-depth educational experience, which explores a range of topics ranging from environmental education to social entrepreneurship. We tailor each program to your needs and engage local experts and resources for a unique learning experience. As a graduate, you are paired with mentors in your field and are required to do a community service. All graduates will receive a certificate of training from the Human Impacts Institute.

Communications Strategy

We provide communications strategy consulting on social and environmental topics to deepen your messaging impact and reach broader audiences with your work.

We work with you to develop and implement creative multi-media outreach tools that support positive impacts and meet your goals. Our international communications experience on issues ranging from climate change to high-level policy inspires both long-time supporters and those with little prior knowledge to get involved.


Curating Services

Our art curation services bring creativity to your program through social and environmentally minded exhibits and works. As artists and environmentalists ourselves, we deliver an art experience that also provides meaningful content for your audience and curated actions for you to make a positive impact.


Curriculum Development

Our curriculum development brings real-world science, community focus, and creative expression to your educational program. We are experienced in developing innovative learning experiences on a variety of social and environmental topics for public and private K-12 schools, universities, companies, and community groups.

Hands-on Workshops

Our hands-on workshops help you explore your community, while connecting you to the local impacts of global issues. We work with you, your school, company, or community group to create a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) educational experience that gets you both in touch with your creative side and with action-based learning. You’ll join us in exploring climate change, water, consumer choice, waste, health, environmental justice, or other topics important to you in a workshop experience that is tailored to the age level, goals, and interests of your group.  

Employee Engagement

Our employee engagement programs make social and environmental topics interesting to employees on both a personal and professional level. Companies such as Whole Foods Market and Citigroup have sought our employee engagement programs for our emphasis on personal sustainability and inspiration—from green cleaning to conscious consumerism. With sustainability and social responsibility quickly becoming a priority for companies large and small, employee engagement in environmental issues is crucial to a thriving corporate culture.


Stewardship Events

Our stewardship events are opportunities for you to care for your local environment in a community setting. Through activities such as water quality monitoring, cleanups, and tree care, you see your impacts in action and get your hands dirty at the same time. We work with you, your school, company, or community group to create a team service learning experience that gives back to your community, while gaining new skills.  


Leadership Intensives

Our leadership intensives support you as social and environmental changemakers through skills development and career mentoring. As a participant, you gain a deeper understanding of key global issues through on-the-ground community work, while developing tools for communication, research, management, and program development. Through our mentorship opportunities, you put your knowledge to practice as we connect you with employment opportunities in diverse sectors.  

Research & Reporting

Our research and reporting services are in-depth investigations and evaluations tailored to your needs.

Past projects have ranged from one-time reports to long-term, multimedia field-based research. For clients ranging from state agencies to community-based organizations and schools, we have covered a diversity of issues, such as: green infrastructure development, gender and resources management, impacts of pollution, and community outreach strategies.

Learning Retreats

Our learning retreats inspire you to explore environmental issues through healthy living, creative expression, community service, and knowledge-building—experienced in small groups and serene settings. Retreats bring together participants to learn about environmental sustainability while taking part in activities, such as yoga and meditation, creative writing, visual arts, and exploring the local community. Locations range from the Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia to the coast of Brazil or the countryside of France.