Our Creative Communication programs

communicate tough social and environmental topics

in creative ways through arts and culture.



We're making the environment personal.


Through original works from our Crew, our Creative Communication programs transform complex ideas into inspired action through innovative and engaging art and design, videos, podcasts, performances and written media. We broaden the conversation beyond the “choir” by creating deep, personal connections to some of the most pressing environmental and social issues of our times. Through these programs, we leave people wanting to share new knowledge and to take meaningful action in their own, special way.

People are talking about

getting inspired...

HII is a safe space for learning, growing, brainstorming, experimenting, and finding a unique voice in the way you communicate about pressing environmental concerns.


I was able to experience environmental issues in a new way and realized I knew a lot more and had more to contribute than I thought. I am most grateful for the opportunity to experiment with different approaches to creative outreach. 

Nora A., Intern



Videos & Podcasts 

Sharing ideas, innovation, and impacts that matter through audio and video.

Visual Campaigns 

Engaging you through performance, design,

 and creative works.

Educational Exhibits 

Taking visual and tactile learning “on the road” and engage new audiences with pop-up, immersive

learning experiences.


Videos and Podcasts

People inspire us everyday with their words, their actions, and their stories.

Our video and podcast series share ideas, innovation, and impacts that matter. Together, we explore stories of social good and inspiration, as well as the people, places, and events that have moved you to take positive action in your world.

We connect you to a larger community of actors and actions through original content of short videos (PSAs),

youth leadership films, interviews, community conversations, and event coverage. 

Human Impacts PSAs

Informing you of issues and actions that impact our lives

Human Impacts Events

Delivering our events to your doorstep

Human Impact Stories

Sharing your stories of innovation and impacts that matter

Youth Speak Out!

Engaging youth in exploring their personal impacts

Community Conversations

Including you in impacts discussions of the day

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Visual Campaigns

Sometimes it takes a little extra to catch our attention in today’s busy world.

That’s why we use the arts to develop one-of-a-kind experiences that will move you to take action in a new way.

Our visual campaigns engage you through original performance and creative works. 

Visual Campaigns by Our Crew

Original works by the Human Impacts team.

Visual Campaigns by Our Students

Original works by our program participants.

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Educational Exhibits

Our educational exhibits take visual and tactile learning “on the road” and engage new audiences with pop-up, immersive learning experiences.  Designed to take participants on a journey of the senses with topics ranging from water to climate change to consumer choice, our exhibits pair visual learning tools with hands-on activities, installations, and guest speakers, all of which can be adapted for use in public spaces or specially adapted for your office, school, or special event.  


Exhibits for YOU

Original works produced by the Human Impacts team and our partners for

FREE loan to community groups, schools, and educational programs.