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Creative Climate Awards Artist Open Call

Art in Action, What will you do to help stop Global Warming and Climate Change?

[Environmental Art] Destroy the Earth Beware of "Mother of Nature" to punish you

Environmental Creative Art Competition Exhibition

Environmental Creative Art Competition in Taipei

Human Impact Stories

Mourning and Motivation

Panel Discussion: “Climate Change: Art, Design, and Activism”

Roger Malina: “We are still in the stone age of data visualization”

Taiwan show love earth concept environment art exhibition was echoed

Tara Deporte, founder and executive director, The Human Impacts Institute

TECO-NY and the Human Impacts Institute cohost the Creative Climate Awards Closing Ceremony

The Creative Climate Awards – An Art Exhibition on Climate Change

The scripture office promotes the art competition and promotes environmental protection

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Act Out! In Paris [3] - Fight the System, from Outside & Within

A Little Inspiration Can Go a Long Way

Présentation of GSE "Geochemistry of Soil Evolution"

Exploring the effective employment of the arts to communicate climate issues and inspire climate action

Climate Dinners : Thinking “Outside the Box” to Inspire Climate Action

When Conversation Inspires Action

First Living with Nature

Creative communication tools project

Exploring the effective employment of the arts to communicate climate issues and inspire climate action

Parcours Artistique, Human Impact Stories

Human Impact Stories, Connexions climatiques

Exposition "Human Impact Stories, Marseille : Connexions Climatiques" au Palais Longchamp

Comment pouvons-nous encourager les gens à agir contre le changement climatique ?

Making an impact

環境藝術展 關注氣候變遷

Environmental Art Exhibition Caring for Climate Change

Jusqu'au 11 Novembre 2015 : Exposition "Human Impact Stories" au Palais Longchamp - Marseille

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