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Alyssa Lyon

Alyssa Lyon

Director, Black Environmental Collective at UrbanKind


Alyssa Lyon inspires Black and Brown communities to know that they have the power to drive change and re-write the narrative on sustainability and environmental justice.





  • In Their Own Words


    The whitewashing of the climate justice movement has been difficult. You don't see a lot of Black people in there and I think that's just the narrative of Black folks always saying, "If there's no seat at the table, pull up to the table yourself." Now we're saying, "You need to pull up a seat at our table. Our table is just as big and as important as y'alls table."

  • Alyssa's Call to Action

    Step out of your comfort zone, travel to another neighborhood, then walk around and talk to folks who are different from you. And just do your part in making the world a better place—whatever that means to you.

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