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Annalisa Iadicicco

Annalisa Iadicicco

Nature Within, Sculpture, 76  x 48  x 48”, 2015


Mixed Media (Mesh sheet metal, mirrors, leather, blower, rope, pothus plant).


Fred Aster, sculpture, 62 x 18 x 14", 2019


Mixed Media (Reclaimed cello, accordion, flutes, rope, hat - pendant lamp cord) Sculpture made out of reclaimed music instruments created during my Spring 2018 Artist in Residence at Materials for the Arts.


Studio 54, Sculpture, 74 x 25 x 18", 2016


Mixed Media (reclaimed jeans, round steel tube, disk break, hat - pendant lamp cord )



  • About the artist

    Annalisa Iadicicco is a mixed-media artist, recognized for breathing new life into repurposed materials. Her work transforms reclaimed objects such as corrugated metal, found wood, rusty nails and car bumpers into enchanting yet powerful forms of artistic expressions.

  • Call to Action

    I use reclaimed materials that I find along my urban travels to create installations and sculptures that speak to social injustices and environmental problems as a means to explore overlooked issues and encourage conversation and social change. These materials would otherwise have been left to wither and age in anonymity. I enjoy seeing each piece inevitably go through multiple incarnations before it reaches its final state. Just to be able to be a part of the process of art coming alive in my hands; the process of creation and listening to each unique piece and allowing it to lead me in its metamorphosis is what my work is about. The transformation of the discarded object into an artwork, allows us to add value to discarded objects. I want to create an environmental awareness and to encourage you to act by moving you emotionally and leading you to less wasteful behaviors.

  • In Their Own Words

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