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Mother / Nadya Tjuška

Mother / Nadya Tjuška

(Estonia) Short Film


With the use of recycled materials, even trash at some point these repurposed materials created this story and short film "Mother." Born in frustration and feelings of powerlessness to make a change as a regular citizen patriarchy, inequality, sexism, dictatorship, environmental disaster and the lack of balance in nature, which includes Mother nature versus Fatherland is what is expressed in this meaningful short film.


The style and allegories in the film were inspired by the Dada movement, and the political agency in the cut outs used, taking them from one context to another. The medium was collage in order to repurpose unwanted paper, postcards, candy wrappers, and books to cut out the original context of the fragments, and insert them into a piece layered with higher sphere symbolic meanings to be questioned.


Action: Use your wallet to create change by downloading the Buycott app and seeing which products help and hinder our planet


Bio: I approach each task and challenge with an opportunity to grow, or find creative initiatives to make our world more diverse and accepting. Positivity and humor motivate me to make the most of each day and value teamwork above all else, to create a safe space and kind community to work hard collectively towards a common goal. Main areas of focus are Script writing, directing and experimentation with different mediums. Future works include feature film script, under the Baltic Women's Mentorship Program.

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