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Severiana Domínguez González (Mexico) illustrated by Sino Ngwane (South Africa)

Severiana Domínguez González (Mexico) illustrated by Sino Ngwane (South Africa)

Chinantec Peoples /Chinantla, San Lucas Ojitlán, Mexico

Puebla Chinantec /Chinantla, San Lucas Ojitlán, México


Technical Coordinator, Chinantla Regional Environmental Fund, Oaxaca, A.C

Coordinadora Técnica, Fondo Ambiental Regional de la Chinantla, Oaxaca, A.C





  • In Their Own Words

    What we seek above all is to guarantee social and environmental safeguards and to be able to be visible to other actors and entities so that they know that we can contribute.


    Lo que procuramos sobre todo es garantizar salvaguardas sociales y ambientales y la es poder ser visibles a otros actores y entes por que ellos sepan que podamos contribuir.

  • Severiana's Call to Action

    It is essential that local efforts be linked with national activities, especially within legal and institutional frameworks. It is extremely necessary that the native communities are recognized as a reservoir for the conservation of natural resources and, above all, that they be consulted. Because, if they are not, they run the risk of being expropriated again.


    Es esencial que se logre vincular los esfuerzos locales con las actividades nacionales, sobre todo, con los marcos legales e institucionales. Es sumamente necesario que las comunidades originarias sean reconocidas como reservorios de conservación de recursos naturales y, sobre todo, que sean consultadas. Porque, si no, corren el riesgo de ser nuevamente expropiadas.

  • About Severiana

    Severiana advocates for indigenous territorial and water management to limit deforestation and ensure climate justice.


    Severiana aboga por la gestión indígena del territorio y del agua para limitar la deforestación y garantizar la justicia climática.

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