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Make Fake Calls and Surprise Your Friends

Hey friends do you love to prank your family, relative and co-workers and make them bakra. There are many people who love to prank their friends and enjoy themselves, that means when they are free they love to prank. There are many options to prank your friends like you can send prank messages, and you can make a fax you can send unusual thing to your friends. When surveyed we came to know that people like to fax their friends and prank them. These people always search for the best fax app for iphone that can give them an unknown number to make a fax to their friend. Don’t worry, your search ends here, today we have came with a website that allows you to make fake fax. And will also have a look that how you can make fake fax to your friend.

Website Allows You Make To Fake fax

There are various websites that allows you to make fake fax, but here we will be discussing on what these websites do, and will give the list of websites. Faxer ID Spoofing is the one that is used for faking your identity while making a phone fax. This is considered as one of the best way to prank your friends by making fax from your friends own number. And you can also make a fax by displaying any number on your friends mobile phone. From last couple of days my friends was searching for Faxer ID Spoofing software for their smartphone, but none of them get anything good and best that worked. But when we tried for PC we found some websites that really helps to display fake number on recipient Faxer ID.

Options of Best faxer ID Spoofing





How To Make Fake Call

- First and initial step is to open Crazycall on your browser of personal computer.

- After that you are suppose to select your country and after that enter Caller ID that you want display on victim’s phone (that means on your friends mobile phone).

- In the third step you have to enter victim’s phone number (number of the one you want to prank).

- You have to make some changes before making a fake call to the one you want to prank. You have to change your voice pitch, you can set it by low, normal, high.

- In the next step you have to click on GET ME A CODE.

- After clicking on GET ME A CODE, you will generate number and code, dial given number from your phone.

- After calling the number you wants to prank it will ask for code. As it ask for code just enter given code

- That’s all you have to do to make a fake call. Your call will be directed to Victim (your friend) and you can start making prank and irritate your friend.

That all about the post that how you can make fake call to your friends from our CorVoip Site. Give us your valuable comments and feedback for the same. You can also share other websites that give you the opportunity to make fake call. Share this post with your friends, family and relative who love to make pranks and fake calls.


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