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What Is Organizational Leadership?

The Organizational Leadership program at MSU is designed to focus on leadership, the kind of leadership useful in any professional setting. The learning objectives of the program college homework help embody fundamental leadership concepts, applicable in an office of one to a company of thousands, whether they are profit, not-for-profit, service, retail, or manufacturing. You will grow professionally with credentials that will help you push beyond your current professional limits.

Offered through the School of Leadership Studies, the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership is an adult-focused degree completion program designed to:

Introduce you to the methods and skills that maximize human capital in any organization.

Develop your individual and interpersonal skills for achieving successful organizational goals and personal growth.

Enhance your problem solving skills that result in positive organizational change.

Foster life long learning and continuous growth.

Encourage immediate application of learning to your organization.

To qualify for the program applicants must:

Have a minimum of 40 semester hours of college credit eligible for transfer to the University with a minimum transferable grade point average of 2.0.

Be at least 25 years old with at least two years of work experience.

*Prospective students who do not yet have sufficient college credit to qualify for admission may be able to earn credit through Spectrum, the University's integrated general education program; independent study; prior learning credit; or transfer credit. Otherwise students may enter if approved by the Program Director.

Where and When are Classes Offered?

Mountain State University's Organizational Leadership program is one of many we offer to help working adults further their education without having to take time away from their job or family. You can participate in the face-to-face classroom environment or you can participate in an on-line learning environment.

Our cohort in seat classroom method requires attendance one session a week at one of our convenient locations throughout West Virginia, and our branch campuses in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

Our cohort online method requires web chats and other virtual experiences with your classmates and/or individually. Available worldwide.

What Will I Be Doing?

Through numerous activities including weekly guided discussions, team projects and role playing, you will be in class with a number of your peers. Successful completion of this pay for essay program will require you to participate in case studies, action research, and participate in experiential activities. Learning outcomes will be the same regardless of whether you take our course in a classroom setting or online.

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