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Advanced Training of Scientists

At the university, training and retraining and advanced training are carried out taking into account the requirements: postgraduate studies, doctoral studies, translations of technical teachers, work with candidates of sciences, for the position of a researcher for up to two years. This is done so that, having gained experience, young employees can prepare for writing a doctoral dissertation, while studying the entire research kitchen from the inside.

In addition, the university management provides a sabbatical to complete research work, while also maintaining wages. In this case, the vacation period for writing a PhD dissertation is three months, and for a doctoral dissertation, six months. If a person does not study in graduate school, but at the same time must be an applicant for a teaching position, he can be attached to a professional department for advanced training, successful completion of the candidate minimum, etc.

Researchers can be trained in various enterprises, departments, retraining or courses, such as short courses and seminars. In addition, this includes methodological work and study guides.

The main tasks carried out in the advanced training of researchers

As a rule, any training and retraining of professional personnel pursue certain tasks. More about them:

  1. Carrying out various important experiments and studies. It concerns various problems of pedagogical training.

  2. Exchange of experience among teachers and researchers of various universities.

  3. Development and printing of methodological publications that can help students use various university disciplines more effectively.

  4. Conducting seminars, organizational meetings, where you can discuss all the details of the educational process.

General information about admission to graduate and doctoral studies

Admission to graduate school is carried out on a competitive basis. Only a specialist who already has a higher professional education can enter it. Speaking of doctoral studies, it is worth noting that she has yet to become a candidate of sciences. As in postgraduate and doctoral studies, foreigners can be accepted, but only if, by agreement, an international agreement has already been concluded.

This can be done by concluding direct contracts with foreign enterprises. There is a certain number of state-funded places in postgraduate and doctrine studies each year, which is set by the Founder. In addition, if this decision has already been agreed with the Founder. The data must be paid in full.

Scientific and pedagogical work of the university improve their professional qualifications once every five years. They do it in different places. Universities, industrial organizations. As a rule, various scientific conferences and seminars are held during the last internships. It should be noted that advanced training takes place over several years, as well as at the expense of legal entities, individuals and legal entities.

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