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The magic mushroom is a species of fungis that grows naturally in livestock manure or other substratums and also has actually been made use of in religious ceremonies and routines for hundreds of years by various individuals as well as cultures, consisting of the Siberians, Mayans, Aztecs and Mazatecs in Mexico. Several of the possible effects when consuming magic mushrooms are: spiritual visions and a sense of transcendence, changes in consciousness, nausea and sweating. Going to sleep for a few hrs as well as having even more vivid, extra genuine dreams, feeling "energetic", along with the "willingness to open", showing a "much more open personality", are also effects that can take place. The results can be favorable or negative as well as will not constantly appear the very first time you make use of a magic mushroom. The quantity taken in may likewise affect the incident or not of the side effects explained. The Aztecs popularly called the magic mushroom teonanacatyl or flesh of the gods, when equated. Magic mushrooms can likewise be known as psychedelic mushrooms. There are researches where they are reviewing the possibility of using psilocybe cubensis as a form of therapy for obsessive compulsive condition, much better called OCD, and likewise to help in reducing anxiety. Regardless of what some people may think, magic mushrooms do not trigger any withdrawal results or dependence for those that eat them. There are some reports of magic mushroom routines among the Aztecs in which magic mushrooms were mixed in their ritualistic cacao beverages, to connect as well as open the heart with the feelings. Some additionally merely consumed both, as cacao is abundant in tyrosine, a material that not only promotes the release of endorphins, however likewise the production of serotonin as well as dopamine and also MAOIs that regulate the same neurotransmitters yet additionally prevent them from the energetic component in the mushroom degrades quickly. Magic Mushrooms are generally discovered in fields as they expand in the dung of some animals. The mushrooms we provide are expanded in warmed greenhouses complying with the most strict requirements of quality as well as excellence, to deliver the most effective item for you. This item is planned for collection and also agricultural study. We do not advise the consumption of this item. This product is not a medication. Constantly get in touch with a doctor prior to taking drug.


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