Youth Activist Posters on Global Environmental Issues

The Human Impacts Institute developed and led the Green Patriot PostersYouth Camp in NYC and LA in the Fall of 2010. The intensive design workshops taught urban youth about five key international environmental policy issues being discussed at the U.N. this year: Chemicals, Transportation, Sustainable Consumption and Production, Mining, and Waste Management.

Youth then brainstormed how these issues affect their local communities and created advocacy campaigns through poster and t-shirt design. Final posters were shown at Exit Art Gallery in Manhattan, as wel as Space 15 Twenty in L.A.

The posters are scheduled to be exhibited at the UN Commission on Sustainable Development as a side event in May of 2011, exhibiting art and environmentalism work of youth from around the world.

Thanks to our partners: The Canary Project, Exit Art Gallery (NYC), New Design High School (NYC), Urban Outfitters (LA), and Room 13 (LA), and the Youth Caucus of the Commission on Sustainable Development.

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