The NYC Climate Coalition

In the Spring of 2011, the Human Impacts Institute (Hii) is gearing up for the official launch of the NYC Climate Coalition.

The NYC Climate Coalition (NYC3) is a project of the Human Impacts Institute dedicated to fostering partnerships for a Carbon Neutral NYC. NYC3 creates collaborative partnerships between NYC-based organizations working on issues surrounding climate change, impacts and solutions through:

  • Resource exchanges,

  • Networking and partnering, and

  • Joint policy development

Together, we are working towards a Carbon Neutral NYC through sustainable energy usage, transportation, consumer choice and education practices in our neighborhoods.NYC3 is dedicated to environmentally, socially, and fiscally responsible solutions to New York City’s role in global climate change. We support this goal by highlighting and connecting already-existing programs, networks and affiliates. NYC3 creates a space for these organizations to collaborate, exchange resources and implementation tools, and increase their overall effectiveness.

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