Hii Social Change Salons: Creative Minds in Action!

The Social Change Salons of the Human Impacts Institute bring together leaders in creativity with community leaders, environmental experts and visual artists, musicians, writers, dancers and actors. Salons create a space for inspiration, collaboration and exchange over cultural avenues for sustainability.

Social Change salons are open to all who are currently engaged in creative output. All participants should bring examples of current work to share and critique. Registration is required and accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

To register, please send the following to Info@HumanImpactsInstitute.org:

  • Your Name

  • Creative Medium (i.e. painting, performance, writing, music, dance, etc)

  • Email

  • Cellphone

  • Website or examples of your work

  • Date of Salon(s) you are registering for

  • Description of your interest/commitment to social change

  • Description of work you will bring to salon

Coming Soon! The 2011 Social Change Salons Schedule…

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