Hii Selected for Urban Environmental Education Summit

The Human Impacts Institute (Hii) has been selected to nominate up to two educators to participate in the upcoming Urban Environmental Education Summit on May 23rd. Hii was selected because of our leading work expanding environmental education boundaries and educating youth and communities about the unique NYC environment.

The North American Association of Environmental Educators (NAAEE), NYC Parks, and NYRP will host the summit. The purpose of the summit is to facilitate conversations between NYC’s informal environmental educators. At the summit, Hii educators will share experiences, education techniques, and what is needed to enhance Hii’s work in the future. Hii and other participating educator feedback will inform the best practices in teaching urban youth and local communities about environmental issues. The feedback will also inform a nationwide movement in Environment Education (EE) to publish best practices in teaching urban youth and communities about environmental issues.By the end of the Summit Hii educators will have:

· Identified themselves as leaders in non-formal environmental education

· Networked with other NYC urban environmental educators

· Drafted steps for developing and delivering high quality non-formal environmental education programs

· An introduction to the North American Association of Environmental Education

· A more informed perspective on other organizations providing non-formal environmental education in NYC.

Hii will be sending Melissa Mitchell, a graduating Senior in the New School’s Environmental Studies Program and current Hii Environmental Education Intern, as their environmental education representative. Hii is excited for the Summit and looks forward to gaining valuable tools and resources from the summit to use in future education programs!

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