HII’s NYC Climate Coalition Selected as One of NYC’s Five Great Green Secrets!




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Jessica Biele, Blogger for The Climate Group, hand-picks five of the best non-profit organizations in New York City that you may not have heard about before. But don’t keep it all quiet, spread the word!

Jessica writes:

There are countless eco-friendly community focused projects in New York City, ranging from environmentally friendly treats for pets to affordable organic and Fairtarde building products for the home; some are more practical than others, but they’re all part of a good cause. Here’s my pick of the best non-profit organization community projects in New York City that you’ve probably never heard of…

1. One smaller group that I feel is doing local communities a lot of good is NYC Climate Coalition - a project which is totally dedicated to achieving a carbon neutral NYC. Something I’m sure we’d all like to achieve! The group creates partnerships between different NYC-based organizations that are working on issues surrounding those of climate change. They are working hard to find sustainable energy sources and educating the people of NYC in their personal policies and to help them achieve their goal. Group’s like this are crucial to the development of the City, as New York City has such a dense population.


2. Re-nest, is an exciting magazine which advises readers on green living. They try to help people make small changes to their home while reducing the size of their carbon footprint. There is no content restriction at Re-nest; they have a wide range of products for their readers to learn all about. They tell us how to be ‘green’ by keeping readers updated on ethical interiors events and sustainable designs. The magazine shows people how easy it is to become eco-friendly. People will do anything to keep the cost of their homes down, and Re-nest makes that possible on a reasonable green budget. They aren’t very well known yet, but if you get the opportunity to have a leaf through a copy, take it – you’ll certainly discover a new ethical designer or two.


3. I love Eco Dog NYC. It’s a company which – quite obviously – has only eco-friendly products for dogs, including utilizing non-toxic cleaners and 100% biodegradable dog waste bags. 44% of households have at least one dog; that’s nearly half the population. Given that statistic, what Eco Dog NYC does is crucial. If people make their dog eco friendly, they’re far more likely to follow a greener lifestyle themselves. Eco Dog NYC’s food containers for example are made of un-recycled material which is waste. Eco Dog NYC recycles them and re-uses them making it a sustainable source of energy. If everyone who owned a dog used these products then we’d be one step closer to achieving a Clean Revolution in the US.


4. The fourth non-profit organisation in my great green secrets list is Eco Oil NYC; this company is taking the oil that isn’t being used by restaurants and turning it into energy. How smart is that. Eco oil NYC is a simple and efficient concept, because the oil they use is unwanted. Eco Oil NYC is a small organization which isn’t all about the money; the people who are involved are far more interested in helping out the environment, but by way of the product’s recycling content, they’re saving money anyway! Also by doing what they are, Eco Oil NYC are making NYC a cleaner, greener place. Businesses like Eco Oil NYC show cost-effective it can be to go green.


5. Ecobags.com is brilliant because, quite simply, everyone has bags! People use them for work, on holiday, for shopping, in the office.. the list is endless. Bags are an essential, but unfortunately the commonly-used plastic bags most consumers use are not good for the environment, so Ecobags has come up with a solution to recycle material to make bags that are eco-friendly. What I love most about this young brand, is that they offer a service to print whatever you want on your bag – how about a nice bright red Climate Week NYC logo?


These five non-profit organizations are just some of the many that you can uncover in New York City. They’re all doing their important bit for the environment, and their wide range of practical and affordable products are influencing other organizations to go green too. I don’t see why people wouldn’t; new technologies mean being green in New York City is easy. Now i’m off to discover another of NYC’s best-kept secrets.. one of it’s rooftop gardens!

excerpted from: http://www.climateweeknyc2011.org/news/blog/five-nycs-great-green-secrets on July 29, 2011

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