FREE This Wed, August 3: EcoWarriors Panel–How much would we change our own lives to protect the pla

Wednesday, August 3

7:00-9:00pm / Free

How much would we change our own lives to protect the planet?

Full Spectrum & powerHouse Arena present


A discussion with four creators who fight for the environment: Human Impacts InstituteFounder and Executive Director, environmentalist/social activist/visual artist Tara DePorte, visual artist Torkwase Dyson, filmmaker/educator/eco-activistShalini Kantayya, and singer-songwriter Razia Said. Moderated by writer/filmmaker/adventurerJon Bowermaster.

Curatorial Statement

If it’s true that the natural world is being eroded a bit more each day – melting glaciers, persistent droughts, massive storms – how far would we go to bring it back? Not simply through protests or eco-causes, but by changing our daily habits. Would we give up bottled water and plastic bags? Switch cars and taxicabs for bicycling? Turn vegetarian and eat local? How much would we change our own lives to protect the planet?

powerHouse Arena

37 Main St[at Water St., in DUMBO]

Brooklyn, NY 11201

F to York; A/C to High; 2/3 to Clark


About the Full Spectrum Panel Discussion Series

The Full Spectrum Panel Discussion series explores complex social issues through a prism of arts and culture. Held at cultural venues throughout New York City, the panels take a progressive look at Arts, Beliefs, Business, Living, International Affairs, and Politics. Each event features four creators in a moderated discussion on a topic that links their work, followed by an audience Q&A. Panelists are drawn from the worlds of dance, fashion, film, literature, music, theater, visual art, and more. The series is produced by Full Spectrum Experience, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit community arts organization, and sponsored by Con Edison. The forums are free to the public, and their impact lasts long after the conversations have ended.

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