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Support Human Impacts Institute’s Climate and Coalition Building Intern, Mugzy Undemir, in fostering creativity in sustainability with her colleagues at Columbia’s MA in Climate and Society! Vote for their climate change tv video today!

“Can you change your lifestyle?” is a video about a girl, Kimberly Peng, who is going through a debate in her mind about her lifestyle and its impact on climate change. At the beginning of the video, Kimberly believes that changing her lifestyle and becoming green is too hard. She feels as though changing her habits will not really contribute to bettering the environment; after all she is only one person. As the video progresses, the voice of reason, played by myself, tells Kimberly that there are great benefits to ‘going green’ even if they are not visible to her right away. I encourage her to keep going by telling her what she is doing is worthwhile for herself and the future of the environment and society. Concluding the video, the voice of reason convinces Kimberly that changing her lifestyle is not very hard and is a necessary step to combating climate change, which leads her to embrace the changes she has made and spread awareness to others as to what they can also accomplish.

Eugene Viderman and Kimberly Peng are the mastermind lyricists and creators of this video, while Kimberly and I are the performers. We came up with this idea in response to a climate change video contest, which was looking for creative ways to communicate what climate change is. Our interest in making this video came from our background as students in Columbia University’s Climate and Society Program. It is also a way for us to perform outreach through a different medium and in a creative way. As a representative of the Human Impacts Institute, I have learned that this form of educational material and artistic representation of climate change, reaches many different audiences, whereas other forms of outreach may not have as strong an impact.

Please vote for our video here!

By Muge ‘Mugzy’ Undemir, 2011 Human Impacts Institute Climate and Coalition Building Intern

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