Lights, Camera, And Actions! HII’s Crew Film for and MobilizeUS! Campaigns

Join the community conversation! What is your vision for a “green economy”?

On Friday, July 29th, 2011 - The Human Impacts Institute’s (HII) Executive Director, Tara DePorte along with six interns and an experienced photographer and a movie director Shiran Nicholson, were hitting the street around North Brooklyn to produce a series of short video clips to climate change campaign and HII’s soon-to-launch MobilizeUS! campaign. It was a long but very productive and meaningful day for each member of HII.

As a long time partner with, HII decided to produce video testimonials describing what personally moves each HII member about climate change for Moving Planetproject. HII crew expressed their opinions by answering ‘What moves me about climate change?” “ Lots of biodiversity,” answered enthusiastically Peter Tzannes, HII’s environmental services and education intern during the brainstorming session. Like Peter, other interns held a strong opinion about climate related issues ranging from coal-free environment, global warming, to local gardening. HII and have been actively working on many projects including The New York City Climate Coalition and upcoming 10 Days of Climate Action. Contributing to Moving Planet is another exciting approach of how HII partners with to get people moving on the climate crisis.

For the second part of the day, HII crew continued producing short testimonials for our MobilizeUS!, a U.S-targeted campaign organized by HII to communicate the connection between sustainability and international environmental governance and Americans’ everyday live. The MobilizeUS! campaign is bringing together partners on four continents to develop political-will and public engagement for Rio+20, the 20th United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. The main objectives of Rio+20 are to secure agreements for global governance on sustainable development issues, to build steps for a transition to a “green economy”, and to review “how we’ve done” globally in regards to the environment since 1992. As a result, HII”s MobilizeUS! aims to challenge the environmental status quo, while establishing the U.S. as a leader in global environmental governance. Tara and HII interns were presenting their points of views on green economy by answering “what green economy means to me?” Everyone in the group had a different vision of green economy. Jenny Cheng, NYC Climate Coalition Intern, imagines an economy without green-washing practices to be green while Alex White, Environmental Leadership Intern, sees it more public transportation as central to a green economy.

And you? What is your vision for a “green economy”? If you would like to be a part of this impacting and creative campaign, email us your ideas or submitting videos with personal testimonials about green economy at With your contribution, MoblizeUS! will be an effective campaign that will lead to strong international agreements on sustainable development, which could set the wheels in motion towards a “green economic recovery”.

By Hoa Do, 2011 Human Impacts Institute NGO Management and PR Intern.

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