Did You Know? Interesting Climate Change Facts About Energy in NYC

The Human Impacts Institute is gearing up to participate in Climate Week NYC with its Ten Days of Climate Action by offering you 30 interesting and useful climate change facts about New York City.

Climate Week NYC is an annual summit attended by the world’s leading businesses and governments and an array of events focused on driving a clean industrial revolution. During Climate Week, artists, musicians, and other performers will put on exhibits and performances about climate change all over NYC for Ten Days of Climate Action.

In order to mitigate climate change, NYC must start looking to clean, renewable energy sources to power the city. Here are five climate change facts about energy in NYC:

  • As NYC’s summers get hotter and last longer, peak demand for electricity forces the activation of NYC’s dirtiest in-city power plants and causes stress to the electrical grid.

  • More than 20 million people live and work within the 50 mile “peak injury zone” around Indian Point, which includes all of Manhattan and most of New York City.

  • 75% of NYC’s greenhouse gas emissions are related to heating, cooling, powering, and lighting buildings.

  • A business can save up to 25% on energy bills if it closes its doors when the air conditioner is running.

  • Building boilers that burn dirty fuel are a leading source of air pollution.

How do you think NYC should change its energy sources and use?

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