Did You Know? Interesting NYC Climate Change Predictions

The Human Impacts Institute is gearing up to participate in Climate Week NYC with its Ten Days of Climate Action by offering you 30 interesting and useful climate change facts about New York City.

Climate Week NYC is an annual summit attended by the world’s leading businesses and governments and an array of events focused on driving a clean industrial revolution. During Climate Week, artists, musicians, and other performers will put on exhibits and performances about climate change all over NYC for Ten Days of Climate Action.

Because the impacts of climate change are not always visible or immediate, people often feel removed from and apathetic about climate change issues. Climate change has affected and will continue to affect everyone around the world. Here are five facts about how climate change is predicted to affect NYC:

  • A 2 degree Celsius warming is estimated to lead to a 2.6% increase in the mortality rate in NYC.

  • Heatwaves are estimated to hit NYC for up to 40 days a year during the 2020s.

  • The mean annual sea level in NYC is predicted to rise 2 to 5 inches by the 2020s.

  • There is a 90% probability that NYC will be hit with a major hurricane in the next 50 years. Combined with a rising sea level, such a hurricane could flood low-lying neighborhoods and shut down the metropolitan transportation system.

  • Out of 104 American nuclear plants, Indian Point runs the highest risk of experiencing core damage due to an earthquake.

How do you think climate change will affect NYC in the future?

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