Occupy Wall Street and the Environment: Exploring the Connections

Join us as Human Impacts Institute’s representatives explore the ongoing evolution of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the connections between the 99%, the health of our communities, and environmental well-being.

Over the next few weeks, Human Impacts Institute representatives and other MobilizeUS! Campaign partners will be exploring participants’ in the Occupy Movement opinions on “What is My Vision for a Green Economy”, as well as sustainable practices at Occupy Wall Street NYC, our progress there, involvement of other environmental groups, and more.


Occupy Wall Street(http://www.OccupyTogether.org/ andhttp://OccupyWallSt.org/) and has been susceptible to its fair share of doubt and criticism. Many have accused the movement of lacking direction, however, many within the movement tout the diversity of asks and concerns as a key strength of Occupy. Regardless, the movement has continued to grow throughout the U.S. and the world. Communities worldwide have been inspired to join this global spring as more and more of the 99% join in by taking action.

Consumer culture and production cycles’ are directly linked to ecological degradation, community health, and economic systems. As our communities are increasingly feeling the impacts of unsustainable consumption and production, and as many natural resources become scarce, the overarching solutions of sustainable development, community-based calls for action, and leadership grows.


The recently launched MobilizeUS! Campaign is a global campaign coordinated by theHuman Impacts Institute to engage Americans in supporting healthy communities, good governance, strong economies, and the environment through grassroots action, advocacy, and coalition building. Currently, MobilizeUS! is a movement of over 80 groups and individuals from the U.S. and around the globe, supporting strong U.S. leadership at the June 2012 Rio+20 Earth Summit and beyond. MobilizeUS! partners, including leading environmental groups such as 350.org, NRDC, SustainUS, and Earth Day Network, are now taking steps to partner with the energy and community groundswell of those at Occupy Wall Street. (Learn more about the MobilizeUS! partners and resources here.)

Sign the MobilizeUS! petitions for:

  • Strong U.S. Environmental Leadership and

  • Top 10 Asks for the Global Environment

MobilizeUS! is an evolving campaign and the Human Impacts Institute has developed numerous other actions and resources for individuals and groups, alike to take action in their communities and at their local Occupy movements, including:

  • Top 7 Actions to MobilizeUS! for Rio+20

  • MobilizeUS! Top Ten Asks for Rio+20

  • MobilizeUS! Rio+20 Action Map (we want your actions and resources!)

  • What are you doing to MobilizeUS? survey (let us know!)

  • MobilizeUS! Letter to Your Representative Letter Template

  • Rio+20 Houseparty Guide

  • FAQs about Rio+20

  • Cheat Sheet to U.S. Environmental Policy and a

  • Video Competition: “My Vision for a Green Economy” and “Possibilities for Rio+20″

In addition to this, we have brought together key resources from other MobilizeUS! partner organizations and others doing great work for Rio+20 and healthy communities.

The MobilizeUS! team will be working over the next few months to meet with the Sustainability Committee of Occupy Wall Street, as well as other participants, to investigate our joint goals of positive change in communities across the U.S. and the world. Particularly relevant to the calls for economic reform in the U.S. from the Occupy movement, the MobilizeUS! Campaign focus for 2011-2012 is targeting key issues at the Earth Summit, including transitioning to a global “Green Economy”.

By Melanie Sluyter, 2011 Human Impacts Institute Environmental Services Intern and Tara DePorte, Human Impacts Institute Executive Director

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