U.S. Leadership for a Healthy Planet: Official Launch of the MobilizeUS! Campaign

I am very excited to announce the official launch of the MobilizeUS! campaign. MobilizeUS! is a global campaign coordinated by the Human Impacts Instituteto engage Americans in supporting healthy communities, good governance, strong economies, and the environment through grassroots action, advocacy, and coalition building. The 2011-2012 MobilizeUS! campaign is organizing for strong U.S. leadership and effective action at the 2012 Rio+20 Earth Summit. So far, MobilizeUS! is a movement of over 80 groups and individuals from the U.S. and around the globe, supporting strong U.S. leadership at Rio+20 and beyond. Learn more about our partners and resources here.MobilizeUS! is an evolving campaign and we really want your input. So far, we have developed:

  • Top 7 Actions to MobilizeUS! for Rio+20

  • MobilizeUS! Top Ten Asks for Rio+20

  • Petitions for:

  • Supporting Long-lasting, Effective Change at Rio+20

  • Represent Me! Strong U.S. Environmental Leadership at Rio+20

  • MobilizeUS! Rio+20 Action Map (we want your actions and resources!)

  • What are you doing to MobilizeUS? survey (let us know!)

  • MobilizeUS! Letter to Your Representative Letter Template

  • Rio+20 Houseparty Guide

  • FAQs about Rio+20

  • Cheat Sheet to U.S. Environmental Policy and a

  • Video Competition: “My Vision for a Green Economy” and “Possibilities for Rio+20″

In addition to this, we have brought together key resources from our partner organizations and others doing great work for Rio+20. Our goal is to support all of the amazing work you are doing and to help really build a movement—from the ground up and back down again—where we support healthy communities and a healthy environment. Rio+20 is only the beginning and we hope to get your input, partnership, and suggestions on the resources and the site.

Many of you have been very active in our monthly MobilizeUS! conference calls and in coordinating policy development and ideas around the campaign. If you would like to join us in this, please join the MobilizeUS! Google Group. On the MobilizeUS! pages of our site, we have included our most active partners and would love your feedback on the pages and the resources, etc. Please, let us know if you have amendments to your listing or additions!

Also, if you are not on the MobilizeUS! partner list and would like to be, please send us:

  • Your logo

  • A paragraph description of what your group is doing for Rio+20

  • Any free resources you have to MobilizeUS! for Rio+20 (with links, please)

  • Best Rio+20 contact within the org (Name, Position, Email, Phone)

  • Your headquarters mailing address (we need this for the mapping!)

  • Direct link to your Rio+20 work

  • (optional and preffered!) a signed copy of the attached MOU

The Human Impacts Institute has developed MobilizeUS! on a completely volunteer basis, with the work of amazing people–from staff, to interns, to mentors and beyond. We thank you so much for your contributions and if you can support the continued development ofMobilizeUS!, every little bit helps!

Let’s MobilizeUS!

Tara DePorte, Executive Director of the Human Impacts Institute

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