Occupy Wall Street and the Environment: Introducing Occupy Earth Summit

Join us as Human Impacts Institute’s representatives explore the ongoing evolution of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the connections between the 99%, the health of our communities, and environmental well-being. Over the next few weeks, Human Impacts Institute representatives and other MobilizeUS! Campaign partners will be exploring participants’ in the Occupy Movement opinions on “What is My Vision for a Green Economy”, as well as sustainable practices at Occupy Wall Street NYC, our progress there, involvement of other environmental groups, and more.

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As the global Occupy movement continues to gain strength, the participation of Human Impacts Institute’sMobilizeUS! campaign has also evolved. A number of forces have materialized to form the new Earth Summit working group based out of New York. While still forming in its early stages, our vision is both grand and achievable: to be a powerful point of convergence for all Occupy communities worldwide - as well as by engaging those not yet involved. Increasing visibility of the movement’s underlying cry for a sustainable future will validate and promote next year’s Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development as an occasion on which the future of humanity depends. The Top Ten Asks of MobilizeUS! will serve as a focal point of OES, in addition to the Bolivian government’s proposal, Harmony With Nature. One objective of the 2012 UNCSD or Rio+20 is to assess the progress made since the first Earth Summit in 1992, and Occupy Earth Summit will hold the UN accountable for the neglected claims made in its Declaration on Environment and Development.

The Arts & Culture working group has creatively translated the NYC General Assembly’sDeclaration of the Occupation into a flow chart depicting the interconnectedness of the 99%’s grievances. This visual interpretation adds further emphasis on the environment as a key factor in the state of society and its economy. It may therefore be said on even stronger grounds that had the UN followed through with its original Earth Summit proclamations, the 99% would be in a significantly different place than it currently finds itself.

But twenty years have passed, and now is the time to embrace our growing solidarity and establish Rio+20 as a critical interest for each dimension of society. Occupy Earth Summit and MobilizeUS! will do more than remind our leaders of their promises – we will empower the unification of all voices worldwide to guarantee humanity’s right to a future based on sustainability and equality.

By Melanie Sluyter, 2011 Human Impacts Institute Environmental Services Intern

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