People Unite for the Future We Want

Join partners from around the globe to share ideas, celebrate, and demand a transformative Earth Summit!


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On Friday, December 16th environmental, youth, and social justice groups from around the world will unite to send a message to leaders that we want true and lasting change for people and for the planet. Events will take place during the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development preparatory meetings, where international delegates will set the stage for expectations and goals in what needs to be a transformative Earth Summit at Rio+20.

On December 16th, from 1pm-6pm, events will be held around New York City to support public engagement in Rio+20 processes and issues, including our visions for a “Green Economy” and the people’s demands for how our governments address issues of poverty eradication, social justice and environmental sustainability. Participants will also come together to showcase both diversity and solidarity in rallying for the “Future We Want”. Partner organizations will be simultaneously coordinating an event inside of the United Nations to “bring the people to the UN” via twitter and streaming technology, with the hopes of launching one of many dialogues between country delegates and the people.

Events will take place in three locations outside of the United Nations and will cover interlinking themes. Join us at one or all of the events on Friday, December 16th from 1pm-6pm:

Rally for the Future We Want!

  • Location: Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, 47th St at 1st Ave, NY, NY

  • Time: 1pm – 2:30pm

  • What: A rally of youth and for youth to show our leaders the “Future We Want”. With guest speakers from environmental and social justice, youth-led mobilizations around the world, including: Natural Resources Defense Council, Occupy Wall Street (Earth Summit Working Group), MobilizeUS!, Peace Child International, sustainAFRICA, WeCanada, music from amazing artists Rebel Diaz, Len Xiang, and more. Come wearing blue or green and with your signs of the Future YOU Want!

Confirmed guests:

  • Musical guests Rebel Diaz and Len Xiang

  • Tara DePorte (Human Impacts Institute): Rally for the Future We Want!

  • Nicolò Wojewoda (Peace Child International/Road to Rio+20): A connected future: Connecting youth for action

  • Jean Paul Brice Affana (Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest): A creative future: Singing out for sustainability

  • Michael Davidson (Natural Resources Defense Council): A NOW future: Youth leading the way for immediate action

  • Marie-Pierre Daigle and Aleksandra Nasteska (We Canada): A progressive future: A Call to Leaders to Step-It-Up!

  • Melanie Sluyter & Andrew Schwartz (Occupy Earth Summit): A people’s future: The Green Global Spring

  • Yiting Wang (China Youth Climate Action Network): An informed future: Lessons learned for global youth action

  • Alex White (MobilizeUS!): A Future where we lead by example: Engaging Americans for social and environmental justice

  • Ella Tamufor (sustainAFRICA and Road to Rio+20-Africa): An equitable future: How the Global North Can Support the Global South

  • Sarah Dayringer (SustainUS): A fun future: Making sustainability cool

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Party for Positive Progress for the Planet

  • Location: Times Square, Duffy Square at 46th st @ 7th Ave, NY, NY

  • Time: 3pm-4pm

  • What: A party for the Future We Want with music, costumes, public outreach and interviews on Rio+20 and issues, costumes and celebration. Come in costume and with musical instruments, ready to party for renewable energy, sustainability education, poverty eradication, and the creation of the “Future We Want” at a transformative Rio+20 Earth Summit!

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An #Occupy Green Economy Teach-In

  • Location: Liberty Plaza/Zuccotti Park, Liberty St @ Broadway, NY, NY

  • Time: 4:30pm-6pm

  • What: A teach-in to discuss the “Future We Want” with visions for an alternative, green economy and everyday choices to promote environmental and social justice in our communities. Speakers include: No Impact Man, Founder of, Founder of Green Map System, youth leaders from Global Kids, and more. You’ll also have opportunities to take immediate actions to green your day-to-day lives, including signing up for alternative energy provision in NYC with Green Mountain Energy!

Confirmed guests:

  • Colin Beavan (No Impact Man): Making It Personal: Transforming daily life for a “green” economy

  • Youth representatives (Global Kids): Youth visions for a green economy

  • Wendy Brawer (Green Map System): Social Innovation and Collaboration for the Green Economy

March to Atrium at 60 Wall street to be indoors

  • Ken Gale (environmental radio host): Talking Sustainable Development

  • Dan Miner ( ): Beyond Continual Growth: What does a sustainable economy look like?

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  • Creative Workshop #2

  • Wednesday, December 14th, 137 East 25th, 2nd Floor, NY, NY6-8pm at Global Kids Office

  • All are invited to attend the creative workshop for making posters, t-shirts, banners, and costumes for December 16th events. Some materials and light refreshments will be provided. Please, bring your own materials to share and RSVP to

Supporting Partners include:, Alas de Rio, Citizen’s Network for Sustainable Development, Earth Celebrations, Earth Charter Initiative, FloEarth, Global Kids, Green Map System, Human Impacts Institute, MobilizeUS!, NRDC, NYC Climate Coalition, Occupy the Earth, Occupy Wall Street, Peace Child International, Road to Rio+20, SustainUS, WAY, We Canada

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Contact: Alex White, Director of Outreach and Advocacy, Human Impacts Institute

W: +1 917 727 9761 C: +1 860 227 4534

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