What Are Your Human Impacts? Human Impacts Institute 2011, a Year in Review

What an incredible first year at the Human Impacts Institute (HII)!

  • Did you join us for live climate talks with Al Gore and Renee Zellweiger, reaching over 8 million viewers worldwide? (Begin video at 35:14 for panel.)

  • Were you at our call to action with thousands at the UN for Moving Planet?

  • Are you one of over 900 students who participated in our 280 hours of hands-on education workshops?

  • Or maybe you’re one of tens-of-thousands New Yorkers we reached with public art installations?

  • Perhaps you trained over 1,600 hours as environmental leaders through our internship program?

  • Or it could be that you’re one of over 100 nationwide partners working for healthy communities and a healthy environment through our MobilizeUS! campaign?

No matter what you role with HII, it was an great 2011 and it’s only getting better for 2012. So, join us at one–or all–of our upcoming events for the spring and let’s start making some positive human impacts together!

Read more about HII’s first year below. Support our 2012 programs here»


  • Hii Executive Director is interviewed by Young Women Social Entrepreneurs about HII’s efforts on connecting people and the environment. Read more »

  • Dowser publishes an article on the Human Impacts Institute focusing on the importance of collaborative partnerships to further environmental education and community building. Read full article »


  • Through the LIFTT program at the Intrepid museum, HII leads a workshop for 80 youth to foster sustainable community change by engaging in discussions on topics related to the 2011 UN Commission on Sustainable Development. Read more »


  • HII partners with Nautica and the Green School to improve health and well being in Brooklyn through the Million Trees Program of New York City. Read more »


  • HII is selected to nominate two educators in the Urban Education Summit on May 23rd, in order to facilitate discussions between NYC’s informal environmental teachers.Read more »


  • HII facilitates the participation of 14 high school students from all over New York City in the international, environmental policy conference at the UN Commission on Sustainable Development. Read more »

  • Hii launches social change salons in Europe to bring together leaders in creativity, community, and the environment, to exchange cross-cultural avenues for sustainability. Read more »


  • HII launches a partnership with East River State Park (ERSP) in order to provide a series of educational, beautification, and sustainability programs directed at benefiting the park’s local community. Read more »


  • HII launches the “Healthy Homes, Healthy Communities” workshop series, a part of HII’s EcoPreneurs program, in collaboration with Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE) as well as with the Greening Western Queens Fund of the Northstar Fund.Read more »

  • HII’s NYC Climate Coalition is selected as one of NYC’s five great green secrets. Read full article » And read more about the project’s progress in the NYC Climate Coalition Blog


  • HII and Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE) partner to facilitate a series of workshops for the Go Green Western Queens! Summer Youth Leadership Program.Read more »


  • HII co-sponsors Moving Planet NYC and speaks alongside Bill McKibben, No Impact Man, Indigenous Leaders, and the Leader of the Maldives. Watch HII’s Executive Director’s speech here »

  • 24 Hours of Climate Reality with Al Gore, Rene Zellweiger, and top climate scientists. View all four live panels on our HII home page »

  • HII starts Ten Days of Climate Action as a part of Climate Week NYC, which is an annual summit attended by the world’s leading businesses and government officials.Read more »


  • HII launches the MobilizeUS! campaign, which we are coordinating in order to promote strong leadership and effective action at the Rio+20 Earth Summit. Read more »


  • HII goes to the United Nations to share with the world how Americans can support healthy communities and a healthy environment. Read more »

  • HII raises $3500 from community supporters at our one-year anniversary party and fundraiser! Donate to HII for 2012 programming »


  • HII holds a workshop for students from the International High School in Long Island City, Queens. Students received in-class training session on environmental leadership, small business outreach, and cooking oil recycling. Read more »

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