The Human Impacts Institute partners with Shop Your Values Week

The Human Impacts Institute is excited to announce a partnership with Shop Your Values Week!The recruitment of businesses through our EcoPreneurs Program in North Brooklyn will help send the message that sustainability is profitable, ethics are indispensable, and community comes first.

What is Shop Your Values Week?

Pledge to shop locally, ethically, and sustainable from May 3rd – 10th 2012 to discover ethical and sustainable businesses in New York City, businesses that care about their employees, engage with their community, and are environmentally minded!

By supporting the stores and restaurants that best share and promote your values, you encourage businesses to become ethical and sustainable. Participating businesses are incentivizing this effort by providing special offers and discounts for you to enjoy.

As an individual, take a pledge to do your best to shop, eat, and visit ethical stores and restaurants, as well as other spots for one week in May.Sign up at

As a business, send us a paragraph description of what your business is doing to be sustainable, contact information, business name, website, and what discount you will give for Shop Your Values week to

Together, we can inspire a movement that changes the way New York City does business!

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