Greening in Harlem with P.S. 96

On Saturday, May 19th, 2012, the Human Impacts Institute (HII) hosted a street tree stewardship and bulb-planting workshop with 20 volunteers from NY Cares and P.S. 96 in East Harlem. Students, parents and corporate volunteers were invited to come learn how to properly plant bulbs in tree beds, aerate soil, water, and lay down mulch. NY Cares provided bulbs, buckets, and mulch for the workshop. programs.


This event was part of a larger event that NY Cares planned with P.S. 96.The event included dance classes, mural painting, and college & career workshops throughout the day. This was HII second event with NY Cares this spring. Within two hours, HII and volunteers cared for over 20 trees and planted nearly 120 bulbs along the school perimeter and in the playground. Many volunteers learned aerating and mulching techniques from HII staff–trying out their gardening skills for the first time– while some volunteers had gardening experience from participating in past

Volunteers planted Glamini Gladiolus Charlotte and Glamini Gladiolus Naomi, which are white and purple perennials. Participants were determined to water their newly planted bulbs, so they got creative and formed a bucket brigade, running water to each tree bed. HII had a great time working with the volunteers and we look forward to seeing the flowers bloom in August!

A special thank you to NY Cares for supporting this program.

By Melissa Mitchell, Human Impacts Institute Program Coordinator & Environmental Educator

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