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The UN Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development is kicking off in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. People from around the world are arriving in that beautiful city, each in his or her own way attempting to change the course of the proceedings, and perhaps of history. Under negotiation will be policies the member states of the UN will undertake going forward to sustainably shape the human development of our civilization and the natural resources of the Earth. Now, more than ever before, we must make these decisions with an eye on the future.

Unfortunately we can’t all make it to Rio de Janiero this June. But with today’s technology and the hard work of the outstanding members of the sustainable development community, we can engage in the process even if we’re not present at Rio itself. Make your voices heard, spread the word, and keep informed! Here’s how:


Social Media

What’s one huge difference between the Earth Summit in 1992 and what’s happening this year? Twenty years of mind-bending technological progress, at the most visible forefront of which are new social media tools. Global citizens can today make rapid, rich, and rewarding connections with each other across giant physical spaces. Rio+20 is about the future of the planet, the biggest space of all for most of us. Let’s all connect to what it’s about, and what’s happening.

On Twitter, keep an eye on these hashtags for a stream of updates from negotiations, the more than five hundred side events, and lots of other sustainability activities in Rio in late June: #rioplus20 #earthsummit #futurewewant

On Facebook check out and LIKE these pages: UNRioplus20 and Road2rio20

Join the conversation! Also, follow these great sources for updates:

Natural Resources Defense Council @NRDC, @NRDCSwitchboard

Human Impacts Institute @HumanImpacts @350

SustainUS @SustainUSAgents

Road to Rio+20 @road2rio20

Global Kids @globalkids

WeCanada @wecanada

Alas de Rio @alasderio

Rio+twenties @Rioplustwenties

World Future Council @Good_Policies

Earth Charter Initiative @earthcharter

Severn Suzuki @SevernSuzuki

Brice Lalonde, Rio+20 Executive Coordinator @BriceLalonde

UN Rio+20 Conference @UN_Rio+20

UN CDS Major Group for Children and Youth @MGCY_UNCSD

UN Development Programme @UNDP

UN Environmental Programme @UNEP


More detailed and sometimes wonky reports on goings-on at Rio, from what’s being negotiated to the activities of civil society, will be available in quantity as well. If you’re interested you can begin by checking out these sources:

  • IISD Reporting Services:

  • NRDC: and

  • Road to Rio+20:

  • Rio+20 Official Website:

  • Human Impacts Institute Blog:


Want to actually see and hear the sounds of the world’s current and future environmental leadership? Expect plenty of coverage of Rio+20 events in video format!, and keep an eye there for live updates and video straight from sources on the ground at Rio.


Earth Summit Watch

The Earth Summit Watch is a project and website designed to solicit information on what individual countries around the world are doing to prepare for Rio+20. Please for more information, and take a look at the video: Summit Watch Video


The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) reports on matters concerning the gamut of sustainable development issues. To sign up for their mailing list on a diversity of sustainability topics, go to this page, and see specifically the Earth Negotiations Bulletin for coverage of multilateral negotiations on environment and sustainable development. For coverage of Rio+20 events through their reporting services, visit this page.


A Call for an End to Fossil Fuel Subsidies

The Human Impacts Institute has joined forces with global partners to call for an end to global fossil fuel subsidies and for increased support of renewable energy. Use the poster template or make your own poster and post personalized photos and videos to our Separate Oil and State facebook page today!

Stay informed on other conference goings-on by staying tuned to the Human Impacts Institute Blog. We’ll be posting updates and information on the negotiations, the efforts of our partners, and actions by citizens in the city and around the world.

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