HII and the New York Aquarium devote a day to water

The New York Aquarium welcomed theHuman Impacts Institute to their “A-MAZE-ING Water” event last Friday. They purpose of the event was to raise awareness for water conservation and to honor World Oceans Day, celebrated every June 8th.

Friday morning was sunny and clear as aquarium enthusiasts filed in to the A-MAZING Water event space. HII asked parents, teachers, and students to brainstorm the ways that they could conserve water and keep NYC’s water resources clean.

Everyone had a lot to say. Students from PS 38 suggested “picking up trash in the water.” Others suggested taking shorter showers, using safe cleaners and detergents, and even suggested helping out with oil clean ups. HII talked to students about how keeping our trees strong and healthy acts as a retainer for clean water in our city.

Some students took a more poetic approach. Lynora, age 9, wrote “save our water blue.” Veronica, also age 9, asked everyone to “respect our water.”


HII tested students’’ knowledge of other NYC natives: the fish inhabiting the east river. Almost everyone noticed the familiar “faces” of the striped bass, sea horse, and bluefish, and those who didn’t became acquainted with their aquatic neighbors.

Great people, enthusiastic learners, and a beautiful day left everyone feeling inspired about conserving our water and keeping it clean.

Interested in getting involved? HII will be at City of Water Day on July 14th. Stop by to check out the HII table or enjoy the boating opportunities, live music, and games on Governors Island.

A special thanks to the Wild Life Conservation Society for their help and support.

Tess Clark, Environmental Education Intern

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