HII Invites the World to Join in a Photo Campaign to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies!

As Rio+20 progresses, civil society has upped the pressure for governments to finally end the continued subsidization of fossil fuels. Inspired by a photo campaign launched by Siiri Bigalke, the Human Impacts Institute has jumped on board and is now inviting others around the world to do so as well.


“Dirty fossil fuel subsidies continue to threaten our ability to promote clean energy solutions. Unless passionate individuals collaborate to voice our opposition to these subsidies and advocate our support for renewable energy solutions, these harmful practices will simply continue. This photo campaign aims to visualize a growing concern about the harmful trends of these subsidies as well to demonstrate our displeasure at our political leaders who have effectively allowed this practice to continue for too long.” (Siiri Bigalke)

Sounds important right? Well here’s how we can all help. Start by joining the facebook page – facebook.com/SeparateOilAndState and check out Hillary texting in Rio! Then, take your own photos calling for an end to fossil fuel subsidies and post them to the page in order to show your support. The poster template will be on the facebook page for anyone to use and to adapt to their own language with the hopes that people from all over the world can pressure government to finally end this ridiculous practice. There’s almost $1 billion on the table this year and right now it’s going back into the pockets of the worlds biggest polluters.# This is a continuous campaign, so get out that camera now!


By: Brendan Schoenman, Environmental Leadership Intern

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