Young People at Rio+20 Organize a China/U.S. Meet-Up

The youth representing the United States had their first meeting on June 12th in order to come together and prepare for the upcoming weeks and Rio+20. One major outcome of the meeting is a planned meet-up between the Chinese and American youth who are attending Rio+20 on the 17th. This is a chance for young people from two of the largest economies of the world to come together and create a unified voice calling for concrete commitments for a sustainable future.

As someone who grew up in both the United States and China, I am consistently disheartened by media’s portrayal of the high levels of distrust between the two countries. I hope that this forum will help highly talented young people show our governments how we can create a more cooperative and sustainable future. – Patrick Lau, United States/Hong Kong

Collaboration between the youth of these two nations began in 2009 at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the relationship remains strong three years later in Rio de Janeiro.

Developing and maintaining these relationships across the world are critical for the progress and future relations that have the potential to shape an inclusive and sustainable planet. It is the goal to have official delegates from each country present so that a dialogue can be created between the youth and those proclaiming to work for them. Stay tuned to find out more and see how these youth create policy, reach out to those holding the vote, and fight for representation.

By: Brendan Schoenman, Human Impacts Institute Environmental Leadership Intern

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