Share Your Story! A Call To Action for U.S. Healthy Communities and Healthy Environment

Dear MobilizeUS! coalition members, colleagues, family, and friends,

As many of you have heard from me before and as many of you here–on-the-ground in Rio–know, things are very interesting here at Rio+20. Security gets more and more intense every day, more heads of states are arriving, there are more closed doors, and more confusion as to what to think of the process. We definitely have an interesting draft policy text, one that has at least been agreed upon, but one that is disappointing to many. However, as has been emphasized by many here–from mayors to delegations to grassroots—a lot of the “work” here at Rio is not about the text–it’s about the networks and plans for action/implementation that are happening in every corridor. This is the begining of a long road we all have together and I truly hope that each of you in theMobilizeUS coalition and all of the amazing individuals and organizations each of you represent around the world, are ready for the challenge we have domestically within our communities and our Congress.

On that note, something that has come up time and time again is that Rio+20 is not in the U.S. media. There are tons, and tons of international media here and we’re seeing headlines in papers on every continent….except for ours. As a coalition who has come together to raise awareness and promote action over the issues of Rio+20 in our communities, I call on each of you to make it a priority in the next few days to get your local media to cover a story on Rio+20 and the issues we are addressing here. It can be your school paper, a blog, or the NY Times, but please do tell your story…why are your involved in this discussion on sustainable development? What does it mean to your community? What does it mean to us as U.S. citizens?

I feel confident that no matter what our governments decide here in Rio, it is us–civil society–that has the largest job of ensuring equity, environment, and just economic prosperity are central to our lives. We are the implementers and without the buy-in of our neighbors, democrats to tea party members, the “future we want” is not going to be possible.

Please, take this small action in the next few days and send your Rio+20 story to local media. Share what you know with your neighbors. Talk with your kids about these issues. Start a lunch discussion with your colleagues about Rio+20…..Share your story!

Together, the headlines will not be able to read: “Rio+20=Fail”

Thank you and I look forward to your actions and comments!

Tara DePorte

Founder and Executive DirectorHuman Impacts Institute

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