Human Impacts Institute Team to Governors Island for City of Water Day!

In July of 2012, two Human Impacts Institute (HII) education crew members went to Governors Island for its the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance’s City of Water Day. After crossing the Hudson River on the Governors Island Ferry, HII set up camp at nearby Nolan Park to join the ranks of the Sierra Club, the Harbor School, and other NYC-based organizations concerned with water issues. Visitors to City of Water day took part in a wide variety of attractions, including an activity fair, live music, ferry rides, historic boat tours, and bike rides.

HII’s table consisted of info, tree pickets to paint for our tree guard program this summer, and an interactive water mural. Kids painted tree pickets, keeping in mind the idea of the importance of water to trees and trees to water, including: a depiction of a sailboat and a waterscape. Youth and adults colored with marker on our growing mural, which entailed an ongoing river up the paper. Each person would draw a picture of why they think water is crucial, whether to themselves or to the world. What we ended up with was a seven foot long, colorful mural that told a story about New York children and adults, and the significance of water.


City of Water Day brought together dozens of environmental and community organizations, alongside hundreds of New Yorkers, young and old. The event brought together the curious and the well-researched, all with the intention of learning about, caring for, and fostering action on behalf of our common water resources.

For more water related activities, stay tuned for our upcoming HII fall events:

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By Melanie Griffin, Human Impacts Institute Outreach Coordinator and Tess Clark, 2012 Human Impacts Institute Environmental Education Intern

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