Lights, Cameras, Action! HII Launches Youth Environmental Leadership Program

July of 2012 marked the beginning of Human Impact Institute’s (HII’s) Youth Environmental Leadership program in western Queens, with partner organization Asian Americans for Equality(AAFE). HII educators, students, and AAFE leaders met up in Woodside, Queens for the first day of a summer-long program. The program aims to help nine high school students from all over New York City develop their skills as leaders in their communities and as advocates for environmental change.

In a recent July workshop, students opened up about what it means to “be green” in their own personal experience. Students asked each other how they would personally define the environmental concepts “green,” “sustainability,” and “culture of consumption,” while their peers captured the responses on camera. The final video was a montage of every one’s various perspectives. This activity prepares students for public outreach: students will hit the streets, surveying the community about their views on sustainability. Also on the agenda was a “supermarket scavenger hunt,” where students browsed the aisles of a local grocery store looking at food from an environmental point-of-view, considering the role of packaging, production, and labeling in our food system.

The program will continue into late August. Interested in hearing more? Keep up with this year’s environmental leaders by checking the HII Blog and Youtube page for blog updates and video updates.

By Tess Clark, 2012 Human Impacts Institute Environmental Education Intern

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