Human Impacts Institute’s First Ever Human Impacts Climate Carnival!

On Saturday, September 29th, Human Impacts Institute joined The Fresh Ground Pepper Circus group to debut the Human Impacts Climate Carnival for one of our last events of 10 Days of Climate Action for Climate Week NYC! At the very scenic and lovely East River State Park in Williamsburg, the crazy HII crew dressed up as various carnival characters including B-Ozone the Clown, Madame Climate, Mimi the Mime, and many more with the goal of reaching out to adults, children, and park attendees about environmental issues in a fun way!

HII had several environmental activities and games for the Human Impacts Climate Carnival that were both informative and fun. Activities included:

Natural Disaster Twister where attendees were tangled up in climate change,Unsustainable Bowling where children used pumpkins to plow down evil plastic bottlesClimate Wheel of Fate that our very own Bearded Lady led, quizzing adults and children of their climate knowledge,Climate Tarot Card Readings where Madame Climate read adults’ and children’s climate futuresAn impromptu performance about solar energy led by Fresh Ground Pepper’s ringleader clownTo name a few!

climate carvinal-kiddos.jpg

The carnival was a huge success and a great activity for children and adults on a beautiful fall day in NYC! The HII crew would like to thank all who attended!

Check out our other interactive, informational, and fun environmental activities on our blog or website!

Melanie Griffin, Outreach Coordinator

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