School Evacuation Takes DUMBO By Storm

Sunday’s “School Evacuation” performance concluded HII’s Ten Days of Climate Action initiative. Ten performers, eight of which were children, performed an “evacuation” sequence consisting of slow motion walking and a quick-step dance routine, complete with 1920s garb and mesh “fish heads.” Each performer played the role of a fish in a “school,” while another performer remained ahead of the crowds passing out newspapers with the headline: “Extra! Fish Evacuate the Oceans”.

school evacuation.jpg

“School Evacuation” began at Jane’s Carousel and wound around the streets of DUMBO, captivating bystanders and art lovers alike (despite a little rain). Artist Josephine Decker created the performance as a tribute to New York’s ailing fish species. As a unit, the performers resembled a surreal, slow-moving anachronism: old-timey shoes and stockings paired with 20′s style dresses which stuck out amongst DUMBO’s modern passerby, some of whom were so engaged they couldn’t seem to move out of the way quickly enough away during dance sequences. The piece captures the vulnerability that humans and fish share in respect to our changing climate. We, at HII ,loved being a part of this work. Now we wonder: what will next year’s 10 Days of Climate Action bring?

Tess Clark, Environmental Education Intern

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