You Are What You Eat

Laura Mega gave a performance at the Union Square Green Market on Monday, September 24 that reminded viewers of their climate impacts by the way they treat and eat food for 10 Days of Climate Action. Laura Mega’s performance involved Mega working as a surgeon in a surgical gown, removing the internal parts of bananas, oranges, peppers, and snow peas, and then sewing them up, using sutures. This performance reflected the reality that fruits and vegetables are produced and processed in drastically artificial ways that force them to grow with their own desire and nature being completely ignored.


This performance attracted a lot of people. Human Impacts Institutecrew talked with individuals who were wondering what was going on. We received positive and thoughtful feedback. A gardener from Brooklyn was very impressed by this performance -”People care about a lot of things other than the environment – they care about nail colors, new cars and name brands clothing. They feel the nature is far away, which actually around them. And because of their indifference, the youth cannot receive an education that can make them truly aware that climate change is here and now.”


HII crew also approached passers-by and captured photos of them, prompting “How do you feel about your local produce?” This turned out to be another huge success. New Yorkers are fortunate to live in a the city that has abundant farmers markets. The ‘farmers market’ was founded three decades ago to allow small family farms to sell their produce directly to consumers and at the same time allowed New Yorkers the access to fresher and more nutritious food. Today there are 28 farmers market locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island. 10 of them run year-around. A great amount of fossil fuels from transportation can be saved by buying locally.

More days of fun fun fun will come soon this week! Be sure to check our website and blogsto stay tuned.

-Celia Cui, Environmental Service Intern

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