Taste Bud Friendly and Eco Friendly Restaurant in Fort Greene

HII representative, Celia Cui made a trip to this Mexican-Cuban style restaurant.

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Located in Fort Greene, Habana Outpost is known to be “New York City’s first solar-powered restaurant”. A large solar panel system is used to catch the sunlight and powers the entire restaurant. A rainwater harvesting system is used to flush its toilet. Their garden is certified to be a wildlife habitat. The biodegradable plates are made of sugarcane fiber, the napkins are made of 100% recycled and chlorine-free paper, and the cups are made of potato starch. The toilet roofing is made of corrugated metal, the sign is recycled from an old gas station sign, and the picnic tables are made of a composite materials that consist of recycled plastic and sawdust. There is even a bike-powered blender with which you can make your own smoothie. All the materials and construction was carefully selected by the owner, hoping to create a space to celebrate “urban environmentalism”. Everything you see there demonstrates some sort of energy efficiency, sustainable construction, and recycling.

Even if you are reluctant about the technologies, Habana Outpost is still worth a stop by, not only because you may have the best corn ever, but it is also a social club for a creative and diverse community. Habana is a perfect reflection of Brooklyn’s multi-talented, flourishing, and colorful culture. Brightly colored paintings are all over. They even hold art, music, and movie events throughout the year, which provides free opportunities for selected young artists to display their work.

There are also plenty of chances for you to learn more about environmentalism, wellness and community. Free kid’s workshops run every weekend May through September. “Urban Studio Brooklyn” is a summer workshop that provides architecture students and working professionals a chance to gain practical experience in green design. Habana is also working to improve its certified community garden of bees, birds, and beautiful native species.

It is always good to enjoy delicious food and nice atmosphere. But it would be great if you want to learn a thing or two about sustainable urban living. HII loves the city, and we can’t wait to hear the stories in your community!

Celia Cui, Environmental Service Intern

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