Tara DePorte Selected by the American Council on Germany!

Human Impacts Institute’s Executive Director and Founder, Tara DePorte, has been selected from a large pool of candidates to participate in the American Council on Germany’s Study Tour on Climate and Energy in Berlin, Germany next week! TheAmerican Council on Germany is a non-profit organization that supports interaction and dialogue between business leaders, media leaders, and governmental leaders across Europe and the United States. It has been in existence since 1952 and has owned this mission for 55 years. The goal of the American Council on Germany is for Europe and the United States to take on global challenges and engage in problem solving together, despite the separation of an ocean.

From December 2nd through December 6th, Tara will partake on tours and meetings that explore how Germany is dealing with global warming and steps the country is taking to establish clean energy technologies. Fellow participants will include journalists, business people, academics, government officials and many other experts on environmental topics and issues throughout the United States. Participants will have the opportunity to take tours that will be led by numerous German experts. Specialists will include the American Council on Germany’s President, William M. Drozdiak and Vice President, Dr. Helena Kane Finn, Officials from Germany’s Federal Chancellery, Leaders from the Ministry of Environmental Affairs, Representatives from the Ministry of Economics and Technology, and many others! The selected Study Tour members will visit the Potsdam Institute, the American Embassy, as well as the Ecological Institute where specialists within these institutions will give seminars. Tara, along with other participants, will have the chance to hear German politicians discuss strategies, including climate and energy policies and issues.

The American Council on Germany has decided to host this Climate and Energy Study Tour for selected experts because, as Dr. Finn explained in the Study Tour invitation letter, “Germany has made the decision to put climate/energy priorities at the top of its economic and foreign policy agenda. As German briefers will explain, this is not long a matter of German self-interest; it is because scarce energy resources around the world are a source of conflict”.


Tara will attain knowledge and inspiration from a country where climate and energy issues are on the forefront of political conversations, not being brushed aside for later. She will see how environmental issues are being addressed NOW and will come back to the Human Impacts Institute with firsthand insight on how tackling these issues is attainable for New York City and the United States. We, at Human Impacts Institute, are excited to take Tara’s experience and become even more proactive in the community on climate and energy issues!

Melanie Griffin, Outreach Coordinator

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