Human Impacts Institute’s EcoPreneur Green New Year’s Resolution Challenge!

Human Impacts Institute is making a Green New Year’s Resolution Challenge for our EcoPreneur businesses for 2013!

HII has asked our participating businesses in Williamsburg, ranging from cafes to bike shops, what their 2013 Green New Year’s Resolutions are?

We have asked them to take on sustainable actions that for 2013 and make three Green New Year’s Resolutions. Examples of green actions that we hope the businesses will take on are:

- Recycling more

- Weatherizing businesses by caulking, sealing pipes, etc.

- Reducing waste via composting or reusing supplies/products

If a business has taken on ONE green action and kept the resolution by January 22, 2013, they will win the Human Impacts Institute’s 2013 Green New Year’s Resolution Award! This means winning businesses will be on the main page of our website and featured in our newsletter for the spring, which reaches over 4,000 people interested in sustainability.

Are you a store manager or owner who wants to get involved with HII’s Ecopreneur program?? Let us know! Email today! For more info on EcoPreneurs, visit our website.

Melanie Griffin, Outreach Coordinator

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