United Against Pipelines, Forward on Climate!

The Human Impacts Institute joined a coalition of partners to stand against fossil fuel pipelines, fracking, tar sands, and ask for a country powered by wind, water and solar. The Rally was organized on Monday May 13th, to greet President Obama attending a fundraiser in NYC––his first visit since his post-Sandy inspection.

The event was organized and supported by 350.org, 350 NYC, Brooklyn For Peace,Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline (CARP), CUNY Divest, NYU Divest, Occupy the Pipeline, Occupy Sandy, Sierra Club, Sane Energy Project, Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter,United for Action, CREDO, Human Impacts Institute, and many more.

Over 500 participants gathered in Bryant Park, and marched to the Waldorf Astoria, with signs, banners, and chants to send President Obama a clear message: Stop Keystone XLand local natural gas pipelines!

In his Inaugural Address just a few months ago, President Obama promised “We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations.” Yet he continues to promote an “All of the above” energy policy that includes coal, tar sands, and fracked shale gas.

The HII Crew was thrilled to see so many people joining the crowd on such a late notice (and a chilly day), and we believe that our message of hope and change will echo the United States policies and actions.

You want to join, and fight climate change with us? Stay tuned, and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest update on climate actions!

By Agathe Laure, Environmental Services, Human Impacts Institute

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