Human Impacts Institute has Common “Cents”

On Wednesday, July 3rd the Human Impacts Institute was honored with a donation from Common Cents, an educational not-for-profit organization that is most known for their annual Penny Harvest through which students raise money by collecting pennies. The money raised is then turned into grants awarded to community organizations. This program offers students with a sense of leadership and citizenship as the organizations are chosen by students after they discuss the needs of their community and awards the grant to organizations that most fulfills those needs. In the past, grants were awarded to a number of organizations such as animal rescue groups, senior centers, youth development programs and environmental organizations.

The Common Cents staff not only impacts their community by working with students, but also through having an opportunity to discuss and choose organizations to award grants. At a small award ceremony at the Common Cents office, Common Cents staff awarded grants to three organizations. One was a cat rescue organization while the other was a program for youth development. HII was the third organization to receive a grant.

The award ceremony began with a tour of the Common Cents operation and then a presentation by the Program Director, Keith Hickman as well as other staff members who explained why we were the chosen organization. HII was chosen by Program Associate Gremesha Crump who was adamant about HII receiving the grant because she feels that HII effectively melds together the elements of education, environmental consciousness, community engagement and community improvement.

The HII crew is very appreciative of the Common Cents grant and looks forward to continue working with our community!

By Ani Esenyan, Environmental Services Intern, Human Impacts Institute

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