Volunteer Diaries: Marcela Miceli

On July 16, the Human Impacts Institute crew took to the streets with shovels and rakes in hand for another weekly session of Tree Care Tuesdays. With the sun blazing at over 90 degrees, the ladies made sure to bring along sunscreen, hats, and (reusable!) water bottles to keep cool while working hard. With the help of the handy volunteer, Kara, and the ever-so-helpful Jason from the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, HII started off the morning by tending to the Tom Stofka Garden, where an unruly growth called for some immediate weeding. Jason commenced the activities by challenging us to identify which species were weeds and which were not; get rid of that Lamb’s Quarters, but not the Liriope! After this brief morning lesson, we slipped on our gloves and began the dirty work (hey, somebody has to do it) of pulling those stubborn weeds out of the ground.

For a new twist on Tree Care Tuesdays, two of us split off from gardening duties and decided to have some fun interacting with happy park-goers to find out what some of their favorite things about trees were. Answers ranged from the simple pleasures that were immediately relevant on this hot day- shade- to more aesthetic aspects like the changing colors of the leaves. We even ran into a participant from the Grand Street BID Weekend Walk who recognized us and was eager to share his thoughts on trees!


Once we were through with the Stofka garden, we headed over to Williamsburg’s infamous Bedford Avenue to end the day with some care for young street trees that included the usual aerating, garbage removal, and mulching. After two hours and a successful Tree Care Tuesday, we were ready to get out of the sun and into the office for some shade and afternoon grub.

Check out our calendar to join our team of dedicated tree stewards from 10 to 12pm every Tuesday!

Marcela Miceli, Environmental Education Intern


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